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Choose the sneaky line through the trees. Choose early mornings, catching snowflakes on the tongue, and deep soulful arcs through bottomless fresh. Choose wide, nimble, and poppy. Choose zero gravity float and perfect S-turns. Choose that feeling and those dreams, because pursuing them is all that really matters. Choose the Gentemstick The Chaser Snowboard.

Accel Camber | 4 mm – Gentemstick’s radical acceleration camber eliminates hooking and prevents nosedives in deep powder or fresh snow while maintaining natural flotation. It is designed and shaped to perform its best when the rider stands neutrally on top of a board. It is flat from the widest point of the nose to about the front foot. The arch begins there and reaches it's highest point around the back foot, and it ends at the widest point of the tail. When a rider stands on the board, the arch flexes and the area ahead of the front foot rises for more lift in deeper snow.

Taper – 23.5 mm

Pointy Nose


Size (cm) 156
Effective Edge (mm) 1076
Tip Width (mm) 346
Waist Width (mm) 285
Tail Width (mm) 299
Sidecut Radius (m) 8.3​/7.6
Stance Setback (mm) 0
Stance Range (mm) 510-590
Width Regular
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