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SUPER FISH OUTLINE CORE has a softer setting than "SUPER FISH" and bends and holds well. The normal core is set to emphasize repulsion, and if you are thinking of cruising on a longboard, this outline core is recommended. At first glance, it is characterized by a large nose and taper, with a wide nose that provides buoyancy and a thin, supple tail that improves control. In order to maintain the buoyancy balance of the tail, the tail section is designed to be long and the various functions are well-balanced.It is a common phenomenon with boards of this type up to now, but although it can be ridden in powder, it cannot compete at all on hard pack or ski slopes. It stands out from its design and allows for comfortable turns even in the grooming barn. That's the biggest feature of this series.


Length 1760mm

Running Length 1156mm

EF.edge 1286mm

Nose Width 346mm

Waist Width 268.5 mm

Tail Width 278mm

Sidecut R.10500 mm

Setback 23 mm

Tapered 34mm

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