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This model, named ROCKETFISH HIGH PERFORMANCE SOFTFLEX, has a supple finish for lightweight riders. The outline is the same shape as the "ROCKETFISH HIGH PERFORMANCE", and by giving it a taper from the slender outline, it increases controllability under various situations.

The Rocket Fish is characterized by its sharp and aggressive carving turns, but its performance, contrary to its appearance, comes from its slim design with surprisingly little taper. On the other hand, this model named Rocket Fish High Performance is slightly slimmer than Rocket Fish, and has a taper to improve controllability in various situations. It turns well if you press it hard, and cruises smoothly if you ride it gently. Although it is wide, it has the perfect balance with the taper and deep slits, making it the perfect powder board for lightweight riders.



Running Length950 mm

EF.edge1063 mm

Nose Width330mm

Waist Width271.5mm

Tail Width287mm

Sidecut R.7900mm

Setback29.5 mm

Tapered21.5 mm

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