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The Big Fish is a huge powder board with a massive surface area and deep Double Pin-Tail to help you float through powder like a surfboard on a wave. The board sports a large sidecut radius which provides excellent stability at speeds and allows for long, smooth turns.


Accel-Camber - Gentemstick’s radical Accel-Camber eliminates that catchy edge feeling and prevents nosedives in deep powder or fresh snow, while maintaining a natural flotation. It is designed and shaped to perform its best when the rider stands neutrally on top of a board. It is made flat from the widest point of the nose side to about the front foot. The arch begins there and reaches the highest point around the back foot, and it ends at the widest point of the tail side. When a rider stands on the board, the arch gets pushed down and the area ahead of the front foot barely touches the snow.

This is the position that maximizes the performance of the board, and also the same position that reaches maximum velocity in ski races and other speed competitions. The key is to reduce resistance.


Size 163
Suggested Boot Size (US):  16 & under
Waist Width (cm):  28.7
Camber (mm): 4.0
Stance Set Back (in):  2.17
Sidecut Radius (m):  9.2
Sidecut Depth (mm): 28.5
Effective Edge (cm):  117.5
Taper (mm):  2.0
Tip Width (cm):  34.4
Tail Width (cm):  30.4


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