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SI 152 Classic

The Si 152 has the same concept as the Si 144, but it features a pointier Nose and Tail making it more suited for deeper conditions, steeper runs and higher speeds!


Length: 152 cm Dimensions: Nose 34cm, Waist 28.3cm, Tail 30cm Planing Surface Area: 4300 cm² Base: Perlatech PG 8223 Sintered, Hand waxed and tempered Top sheet: 3D Beech Veneer (Custom Option American Walnut) Core: CNC Machined 3D Paulownia Wood core Channels: HYPER Channel OG 2.0 Construction: Glass & Carbon fiber Conditions: 10cm or Deeper Flex: Medium/Stiff Package: Incl. a Pad, Leash plug and special Scraper Custom Options: Choice of Base Color and Top Veneer, Paulownia Wood core, Full Carbon Construction, Complete Custom Shape and Custom-made Artwork from various Artist. Images by a Laser printer.
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